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Responsibility towards the environment

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The environment, our surroundings, all constitute our home. If we do not take care of the environment, who will? And by ‘we’ I mean us humans. As we set our targets, goals, ‘new-year-new-me’ resolutions, let us not forget the environment.

Can you imagine the impact that would occur if each and everyone of us took the responsibility for a clean environment personally? Oh what a wholesome world it would be. Anyhow, it doesn’t have to fall onto the bigger companies and developed countries to have a clean environment. They are the ones polluting it at a large scale yes, but it falls on every individual to make it better. Imagine having cities that operate on a circular metabolism instead of linear worldwide! But it all starts with you (and me of course!).

Think about the impacts your actions at home have on the environment. You want to build a house so you cut down every vegetation to clear the land? Why not just live the big trees as they are at least? They act as habitats for birds, squirrels and other organisms. Plus, those trees will purify the air for you! What a plus that would be. Just take responsibility for the environment. Take shorter showers. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth. Use wastewater from the sink for your lawn sprinklers. Turn lights off  in rooms you don’t use. Install those solar panels for your electricity needs at home. Make a compost heap from your vegetable peels. Eat white meat more if you can’t be a vegetarian. Take a bike to work. Travel using a bus instead of individual cars. It’s really not that hard.

Looking at the state the environment is in now begs the opposite opinion to be stated, that individual sacrifice cannot be enough to solve the worlds’ environmental issues. Also, preaching individual responsibility takes it off  the bigger culprits. As stated by Professor Anders Levermann “personal sacrifice alone cannot be the solution to tackling the climate crisis”. And we agree. We can also agree that it is a good blessed start!

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