Fauna facing extinction

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In this day and age, we can only imagine what dinosaurs looked like, and because of technology and archeologists, we’re able to see an imitation of them in movies and the likes. However, can you just imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs were still around?

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Their size alone shows that there was plenty of land for their habitat. With the current rate of deforestation and building new environment, it is no mystery as to why they became extinct. Let us not fool ourselves, it is simply because of humankind growth that animals become extinct.

Fast forward to today. There are animals that form part of the endangered list by CITES. It is so worrisome that the animals we know today might not be seen by our great grandchildren! Not so long ago, on February 2 2022, four Nigerians were caught with pangolin scales and elephant tusks worth N3.1 billion in Lagos! N3.1 billion!!! That is a huge number of carcasses left.

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Ecological life support is an extremely important aspect of everyday life that humankind has to ensure it sustains. Every living thing, both fauna and flora, plays a major role in keeping our earth as is. Even minute organisms are vital, ones we cannot see with the naked eye. A question arises, were the pangolins and elephants that were left for death just for their accessories really worth dying for humanity’s greed?

Every human from the whole spectrum of consumerism is responsible for ensuring the maintenance of sustainability. Let there be laws that are brutally enforced to those found with animal accessories. Let everyone keep watch for these criminals. Even you, the consumer have to be responsible. Do not buy products that require the unnecessary killing of an animal. What will you do with a snakeskin handbag? Let us do better. Let us protect the voiceless fauna and flora. If not for us, then for the future generations.

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