We create awareness
on environmental issues

GreenHubAfrica is an environmentally friendly platform and community of earth lovers. We create awareness by engaging business across the private and public sectors.

We will offer quality research, discussions, exchanges and competitions that will produce engaging solutions to environmental issues.

Some Of Our Initiatives

We will increase awareness of preventive damaging human activities.

GreenHubAfrica aim to build the largest plastic waste collection infrastructure which offers plastic recycling services

Green Energy

We are powering social change using the environment by allowing people in different communities to capture value from their waste.

Environmental Design & Art

With the art of recycling, we aim to bring the attention of the public to the ecological footprint and our responsibility to protect the earth.

Cycle 4 Nature

Green energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, geothermal heat, etc. These energy resources are renewable.

Plastic Collected
Trees Planted
Registered Volunteers
Environmental Art Participants

From The Blog

Some articles about environmental issues

Join Us and Make History

Africa as the last frontier, needs to begin to be reposition itself from being seen as the poverty continent of the world. We should increase the environmentally friendly proposition that will improve clean air, safe drinking water, safe shelter and healthy foods etc. All these can be achieved through increased awareness of preventive damaging human activities.