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Climate change! We’ve all heard it right? We all know what it is and what it entails. However, let us explain it once more. It won’t hurt. Let’s go!

As the name suggests, climate change is the change in climate. Easy right? Now, there is a difference between climate change and global warming, in as much as they are used interchangeably. Climate is the average weather condition over a long period of time, say maybe 30 years. When we say the months of February to April consist of rainy season in Nigeria that is climate. Weather is short term and is highly affected by the daily temperature, humidity, rainfall. Now when we say we are experiencing climate change, we are comparing the climate over a long period of time, which means this is something that started a while ago. Whilst global warming is a symptom of climate change. Okay enough about that.

Global Warming vs. Climate Change | Resources – Climate Change: Vital Signs  of the Planet

There are so many areas of climate change in which we have to fight against. From desertification to deforestation to even the diet we live by. Every single smallest area counts in the fight against climate change. That is why the climate action superheroes were developed by GreenHubAfrica Foundation, which were inspired by the United Nations in the fight against climate change. These heroes are 8 in total and constitute of almost all the areas that we, as humans, can concentrate on if we want to save our earth from the impending doom of climate change.

These superheroes were created as a way of educating children about climate change, in a fun and entertaining way that is sure to capture their concentration! At GreenHub we like to call it, edutainment. Clever right? Anyway, why wouldn’t we allow kids to learn about this because it is their future? Doesn’t make sense. So these avatars are developed to have Nigerian names and Nigerian cultural outfits that kids from all over Nigeria can resonate with. Remember, edutainment! The end goal is that the heroes are launched in every country all over Africa and the rest of the world. These will be developed to that specific country so that the kids can relate with them and acquire up-cycling skills in the process. These skills and the knowledge will help them adapt in this changing world, and also equip them with environmental living methods that will keep the earth green.

The World Environment Day is probably the most celebrated day in the environmental space and calendar. What better way to launch these climate action superheroes than on this important day? That is why, this World Environment Day, we as GreenHubAfrica Foundation together with United Nations, will officially launch the Climate Action Superheroes on the 6th of June 2022 at UN House in Abuja. This event will also be streamed live so that this important occassion reaches far and wide! And of course we will also host our webinar on the 7th the following day, discussing all things environmental!

Do join us for this years’ event. It’s gonna be green!!

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