Green festive!

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December is the season where everyone is in a festive mood! Tis the season of giving and having loads of food around the home! It is not even an African thing, but a global feeling. This festive season, let us not forget that we still have one environment and very limited natural resources. However, we can still have a sustainable festive. Let us term it: The Green Festive!

A green festive doesn’t have to be boring. Not at all!!! Just little tweaks here and there and voila! You’ve saved the planet in the smallest ways possible. For instance, let’s look at gifts. Do you really need gift wraps and gift bags for all the gifts? Isn’t it possible to use that gift bag you got on your birthday instead of buying a new one? Can’t you use what you already have at home to come up with the most exciting gifts? After all, the practice of giving lies in the thought. But remember not to give gifts that use batteries. We love the environment don’t we? Discarded batteries are an environmental hazard.

Did you know that eating white meat over red meat contributes to saving the planet? That is simply because red meat has a higher carbon footprint. Or, if you’re up for the challenge, change to being a vegetarian! The less red meat consumed, the better for the environment.

You can also start a new culture that your kids can grow up doing and eventually pass it on to their children. You can decide that the day before Christmas, you plant trees around your neighborhood. Or you clean up the streets. Or take a nature walk around. Try and appreciate nature loudly, if not every day then on the festive season!

We all love this season. Tis the season to kick back and relax, rethink, refocus, reflect. Let us not forget the environment as we make next years’ resolutions. They do not mean anything if we can’t achieve them. And we can’t achieve them if there is no environment for us to live in.

Green festive, the new it thing in town. Get on board! GreenHubAfrica Foundation wishes you all a safe and green December!!

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