Fauna facing extinction

In this day and age, we can only imagine what dinosaurs looked like, and because of technology and archeologists, we’re able to see an imitation of them in movies and the likes. However, can you just imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs were still around? Their size alone shows that there was plenty […]

Responsibility towards the environment

henry bassey

The environment, and our surroundings, all constitute our home. If we do not take care of the environment, who will? And by ‘we’ I mean us, humans. As we set our targets, goals, and ‘new-year-new-me’ resolutions, let us not forget the environment. Can you imagine the impact that would occur if each and every one […]

Green festive!

December is the season where everyone is in a festive mood! Tis the season of giving and having loads of food around the home! It is not even an African thing, but a global feeling. This festive season, let us not forget that we still have one environment and very limited natural resources. However, we […]

GreenHubAfrica Celebrates World Ozone Day with LASEPA

World Ozone Day, also known as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly to be celebrated worldwide on September 16. The ozone layer is a fragile shield of gas that protects the Earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping […]

How Nigerians Can Adopt Good Sustainable Habits from Mrs Ifeoma Idigbe

Who knew that our air fresheners and antiperspirants can be damaging to the environment? Mrs Ifeoma Idigbe, who is the Vice Chairman of the GreenHubAfrica advisory board,  shares tips on how we can take positive steps towards the future of a sustainable nation. She is a founding trustee of WIMBIZ and the founder and executive vice […]