GreenHubAfrica and DuPont partner to Tackle Nigeria’s Polluted Coastal Areas

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In West Africa, Nigeria holds more water among its sister countries and even boasts of the two largest rivers with River Niger and Benue that run across the country. Our water resources serve as the main source for irrigation, domestic use and industrial use. Despite the abundant supply that we are blessed with, one would assume that Nigerians have plenty of water for use. Unfortunately, safe drinking water is only accessible to only 19% of the population as majority of our water resources are polluted. DuPont has partnered with GreenHubAfrica to divert Nigeria’s attention to our contaminated seashores.

It is devastating to also accept that our marine ecosystem is threatened by our mindless pollution. Beaches and ocean bodies suffer with floating garbage of solid debris that they strangle, suffocate and starve animals; hindering their feeding and life cycle. What is even more disturbing, is the thought that, the current situation of our polluted resources can be transformed with a change in our attitude. There is a desperate need for a change in the way that Nigeria manages its resources.

All living species on planet Earth are heavily reliant on water. This is not a surprising fact as more than 70% of the earths surface is covered by water; and even more than 70% of the human brain is made of water.  Fortunately, Nigeria has been blessed with so many rich water resources that a surface of water body can be found in almost every state across the nation. Unfortunately, our water resources are not protected for socioeconomic development and environmental sustainability and this makes Nigeria a victim of economic water scarcity. Pollution is the major cause of water scarcity in Nigeria. Our water resources are drowning in toxic chemicals, plastic and polluted with other poorly managed materials that end up becoming harmful for us and our environment.

The negative effects of contaminated water influences not just the people but also the economy and environment as it is the primary cause of bacterial diseases like that endanger our lives as well as aquatic lives. The most effective way to commence this change in Nigeria is for all citizens to lend their voice and skills to the good of the environment so that we can maximise our resources. GreenHubAfrica has a mission to raise public awareness to the value of a sustainable environment by educating and encouraging Nigerians on simple but effective ways to develop a sustainable community. GreenHubAfrica and DuPont are taking proactive steps towards the reality of clean coastal areas and oceans.

With a devoted cause to 3ps of People, the Private Sector and the Public sector; GreenHubAfrica believes in a sustainable environment as the start of a thriving economy. To honour World Clean-up Day, International Coastal Clean-up Day and Zero Emissions Day; GreenHubAfrica will be hosting it’s first  clean-up activities on the 21stof September 2019 at Sura and Kid’s Beach Garden, Lekki. DuPont wishes for a safe and engaging clean up and is providing more than 500 safety gears and cleaning tools for the initiative.

GreenHubAfrica is Africa’s first environmental sustainability media platform that seeks to reward all people who are lovers of the environment and extend their services to this affinity either in individually or as part of an organisation. GreenHubAfrica is a community that looks to create awareness on these environmental issues and solutions by connecting with these individuals for strategic partnerships to ignite business conversations across both private and public sector; and invites environment lovers to join the movementby becoming a member of GreenHubAfrica.  

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  1. Irresponsible, mindless waste disposal is what brings about pollution! It is welcoming that GreenHubAfrica is very ‘People’ focussed in a bid to stem this ugly tide! If all of us as a people begin to take responsibility without passing the buck to Mr A, B or C or trying to hold our Government accountable for all the failings of our society, because government is peopled by individuals from same society, then we can begin to make real progress in building a healthy and sustainable environment for posterity!

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