The Best Environmental Art & Design Wins

Make Art From Trash

The biggest environmental artr & design event ever. Come show your skills and win amazing prices.

The Environmental Art & Design competitions encourages the use of novel style, prospective and tools to transform seemingly worthless trash into pieces of art which should be suprising and amusing to people at the same time. We are waiting for participants either individuals, or members of organizations, universities/schools from all over the country to register. GreenhubAfrica powers this environmental design & art competition every year as an environmentaol sustainability initiative, and winners receive special prices, while other participants are specially acknowledged as appreciation for their participation

Make Trash Beautiful

Make Trash Beautiful

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The Environmental Art & Design Jury.

Environmental Art & Design

Olu Amoda


Skills in Public Art, Sculpture and Fine Art.

Environmental Art & Design

Olabanke Banjo

CEO Cyrus45

Recycles tires to produce bespoke and avant-garde furniture for the art savvy.