Climate change! We’ve all heard it right? We all know what it is and what it entails. However, let us explain it once more. It won’t hurt. Let’s go! As the name suggests, climate change is the change in climate. Easy right? Now, there is a difference between climate change and global warming, in as much […]

Insecurity and climate change: What’s the link?

It is no secret that climate change has come with many effects. It is affecting our temperatures, our environment, introducing more flooding, heatwaves, affecting biodiversity and and and. The list is endless, literally. Climate change is also linked to insecurity in Nigeria, to the point where areas of insecurity are hot spots for climate change. […]

Vulnerability and climate change

According to IPCC’s 6th report, human-induced climate change hits hardest on people and ecosystems that are least able to cope. There is grave danger in inaction! Even well prepared countries will be hit by the unavoidable effects of global warming to come. How much more the vulnerable countries. Weather extremes are occurring as we speak. Heat-waves, […]