Green Heroes Giveaway Competition

Who is a Green Hero? Anyone that takes part in activities to foster the environment; both directly and indirectly. Anyone who promotes environmental sustainability directly in an organisation; or indirectly by supporting those who contribute to making our environment better. You are a Green Hero and we want to celebrate you. GreenHubAfrica is honouring […]

GreenHubAfrica Takes Action Towards Waste Pollution for World Cleanup Day and International Coastal Cleanup Day with LASEPA

cleaning with sterling bank staff

GreenHubAfrica calls all citizens of Nigeria to join the movement towards an environmental sustainable nation with a cleanup campaign to raise awareness to the depreciating state of out environment. The¬†cleanup exercise,¬†in¬†honour¬†of¬†the¬†International¬†Coastal¬†Clean-up¬†Day,¬†World¬†Clean-up Day,¬†and¬†Zero¬†Emissions¬†Day,¬†held¬†at¬†two¬†locations,¬†Sura¬†market,¬†on¬†Lagos¬†Island¬†and¬†the¬†Kid‚Äôs¬†Beach¬†Garden, Elegushi Beach¬†on¬†the¬†21st¬†of¬†September,¬†2019. Founder of GreenHubAfrica, Mr Henry Bassey expressed how the media platform‚Äôs target audience is made up of 3Ps ofPeople, the Public […]

Why Turtles Avoid Nigeria’s Shorelines

Our ecosystem is reliant on different species to stay balanced. So, the extinction of an endangered species can cause the extinction of other species within its ecosystem. Sea turtles play a significant role in maintaining balance in the eco system as well as guaranteeing a healthy ocean. Unfortunately these sea turtles are an endangered species […]