Lagos State Government Partners with GreenHubAfrica to Address Climate Change

A devotion to the 3ps of People, the Private Sector and the Public Sector is the core of the initiatives of GreenHubAfrica. GreenHubAfrica, Africa’s first environmental sustainability media platform, is aware that the efforts to change the nation’s mindset towards environmental sustainability cannot be done unaided and efforts will be required from the public, private organisations […]

GreenHubAfrica and DuPont partner to Tackle Nigeria’s Polluted Coastal Areas

In West Africa, Nigeria holds more water among its sister countries and even boasts of the two largest rivers with River Niger and Benue that run across the country. Our water resources serve as the main source for irrigation, domestic use and industrial use. Despite the abundant supply that we are blessed with, one would assume […]

Be A Part Of The GreenHubAfrica Movie Week

As crazy-obsessed with the environment as we are, GreenHubAfrica is aware of your needs to relax and take a break every once in a while.  The cinema is always a good place to unwind, kick your feet up and forget all of life’s demands for two to three hours. The GreenHubAfrica movie week is set to […]

GreenHubAfrica Storms YabaTech to Educate Students on Environmental Sustainability. 

Lagos – 9thSeptember 2019 In GreenHubAfrica’s bid to increase awareness on the negative effects of climate change, Africa’s first environmental sustainability media platform kicked of one of their inaugural activities with a seminar at Yaba College of Technology. On the 5thof September 2019, GreenHubAfrica visited the Yaba College of Technology popularly known as YabaTech, to […]

Why Turtles Avoid Nigeria’s Shorelines

Our ecosystem is reliant on different species to stay balanced. So, the extinction of an endangered species can cause the extinction of other species within its ecosystem. Sea turtles play a significant role in maintaining balance in the eco system as well as guaranteeing a healthy ocean. Unfortunately these sea turtles are an endangered species […]

Chairman of GreenHubAfrica; Prof. Ebohon on Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Prof. John Obas Ebohon who is a Professor of sustainability and environmental law in London South Bank University and also the chairman of GreenHubAfrica, expresses how Nigeria is sitting on a ticking time bomb with the state of our environment. He says that every single effort from Nigerians is crucial for a change in mindset to […]

How Nigerians Can Adopt Good Sustainable Habits from Mrs Ifeoma Idigbe

Who knew that our air fresheners and antiperspirants can be damaging to the environment? Mrs Ifeoma Idigbe, who is the Vice Chairman of the GreenHubAfrica advisory board,  shares tips on how we can take positive steps towards the future of a sustainable nation. She is a founding trustee of WIMBIZ and the founder and executive vice […]

The Heritage Place Partners with GreenHubAfrica

Do we give in to the depreciating state of the environment or do we start to take proactive actions towards it? Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa but is ranked the 9thcountry with the largest mass of mismanaged plastic waste from poor efforts on recycling. Two companies that have put a foot down to […]

Save The Earth. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

  We are in a special situation. We are shaping our environment, we are responsible for biodiversity. Humankind’s impact on our planet is so decisive that we are playing key role in its future. Our objective is to focus people’s attention to the management and recycling of trash that is one of the most important […]