Six Great Benefits Of Green / Reuseable Energy

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Did you know the environment isn’t the only thing that benefits from the use of green energy? While it’s true that going green reduces global warming emissions and pollution, the use of green energy offers a number of other social and economic benefits that often go overlooked. Below are just some of the many benefits of green energy.

1. Green Energy Reliability
Green energy services can actually be more reliable than traditional energy services. Green energy systems, like wind and solar power, are less likely to experience large-scale failure because they are distributed (spread out over a large geographical area) and modular (made up of multiple units of equipment). That means problems in one geographical area, like severe weather, or problems with one piece of equipment won’t do as much to disrupt service to an entire region.

2. Green Energy Jobs
The growing appreciation for and technological development of green energy means that more jobs are being created in the renewable energy industry every day. According to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), green energy production created an estimated 7.7 million new jobs around the world in 2014. If this trend continues, IRENA predicts that number could soar to more than 16 million jobs by 2030.

3. Renewable Energy Lowers Healthcare Costs
It’s no secret that air and water pollution from fossil fuels can cause cancer, breathing problems, heart attacks, and other serious health issues. Replacing fossil fuels with green energy sources helps reduce harmful emissions and cleans up air and water quality, which improves public health and lowers overall healthcare costs.

4. Economic Benefits of Green Energy
Many local governments collect taxes from renewable energy projects, which can be used to improve public services. New jobs directly created in the green energy industry create a ripple effect that benefits other related industries. Even businesses that are unrelated to the green energy industry often benefit from rising incomes across households and businesses.

5. Green Energy Means Energy Independence
Because most green energy sources (like wind, sunlight, and water) don’t need to be imported, using green energy helps reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign imports, like oil. Even more than that, by using more green energy sources, many states can dramatically reduce their need to spend money importing coal and oil from across the country or from foreign countries, leading to greater energy independence.

6. Renewable Energy is an Inexhaustible Energy Source
Green energy sources are renewable, meaning they are replenished naturally and relatively quickly. Natural resources like wind, water, sunlight, and geothermal heat could potentially supply the entire country’s energy needs with surplus. And unlike our finite supply of fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are inexhaustible and in continuous supply.

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